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Your White Label Online Investing Solution

Now you can open up your investment expertise to a new generation of wealth creators, with the online investing solution that's bridging the financial advice gap.

Our successful partnerships:

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Confidently monetise your investment expertise via your Model Portfolios.

OpenInvest’s technology allows you to serve an entirely new self-directed investor base in a cost-effective way and be paid for your intellectual property.

This is the perfect investment delivery environment for the high proportion of Australians who can’t afford to or aren't yet ready to go down the personal advice route, especially Millennials and Gen Z investors.

Symmetry Financial

"Empower the whole family with professional investment advice that includes a cost-effective solution for intergenerational wealth."

SWU Group

“Expert investing made affordable and accessible with a few clicks.”

Arrow Private

“Now we can provide safe and strong solutions for all investors, removing the uncertainty via expertly managed portfolios.”

Alman Partners

"Our solution has made world-class investment advice available to everyone, including those with smaller amounts of capital."

What really sets us apart?

On your OpenInvest customised digital platform, the investor drives the journey and the platform does all the heavy-lifting; onboarding, reporting, administration and customer support.

Your advisers are freed up to devote more of their valuable time to better servicing your high net worth clients.

As a general advice investing platform, your new investors can engage directly with your investment solution 24 hours a day, and then be nurtured over time through your ongoing engagement to become full-advice clients.

Here’s how we’re successfully complementing the businesses of Australian stockbrokers, accountants, asset managers and financial advisers.

Your Model Portfolios, Your
Content, Your Brand.


Your digital investment solution is accessible directly from your company website.


This is an off-the-shelf, turnkey solution. There are no costly IT builds, no technology integrations and there’s no need to upgrade your AFS licence.


You provide your model portfolios, content and branding and we’ll take care of the rest.


Implement and be live in as little as 4 weeks - full launch and marketing support provided including the creation of emails and social media.


Serve your existing retail clients more efficiently and enjoy additional recurring revenues from a new client base. A great opportunity to scale up your business without increasing staffing levels.


Your digital investing solution will help you build trust with new investors, laying the ground work to grow your advisory business into the future.

We’re here to help whenever you’re ready

It’s never been easier to engage with the
next generation of wealth creators.

Your investors open an account through the solution and select the model portfolio that best matches their investment objectives and risk profile.


OpenInvest provides a partner-branded 24/7 dedicated Investor Helpdesk. Supporting you and your investors with seamless onboarding, account setup, administration, invoicing, trading and performance tracking.


Use your solution to deliver investment-relevant content directly to your investors to educate and build further confidence in your brand.

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So, what do our clients think?


OpenInvest allows us to communicate important lessons to the next generation, helping them to understand the right way to think about long-term, sensible investing.”

Will Hamilton, Managing Partner, Hamilton Wealth Partners


OpenInvest gives us the means to reach many more clients, delivering our intellectual property at scale, in an informative and engaging way.”

Thomas Schoenmaker, Founder, Wentworth Securities


It's friction-free for our investors to sign up, and their feedback is that they love the engagement, especially the Collins House Online app that OpenInvest built.”

Dominic Alafaci, Managing Director, Collins House Online Investment Services


Our investors literally have our brand and portfolio at their fingertips and they love the simplicity and transparency.

Ben Morrissey, Lead Investment Manager, Morrissey Group - Shaw and Partners

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